Meet Our Team

Jackson Smith

Coach Jackson Smith has been a CrossFitter for 11 years and specializes in coaching beginner athletes, strength development, and longer endurance events. "More than anything, I love to teach," he says. "Nothing beats seeing a brand new member's face light up the first time they get a movement right." Jackson truly enjoys seeing the growth in members, not just physically, but in terms of their role in a family and a community that is so incredibly supportive of one another.

A wrestler in high school, Jackson joined the Marine Corps after college. "When I left the military, I was really eager to find an outlet to continue competing, as well as teaching," he says. "The chance to keep working in a capacity that lets me develop people as part of a team was my main motivation."

When not in the gym, Jackson is a full-time law student, but also enjoys getting outdoors and using his fitness. He’s also the proud owner of two cats, Mickey and Maggie, who "terrorize every waking hour of my home life."