Meet Our Team

Michele Washington

Michele has been an avid Crossfitter for over 5 years now. Throughout high school, she played basketball and ran track. She was introduced to Crossfit shortly during college and believed in its purpose. She wants to share her passion for the sport with others by promoting the ways it has changed her perspective of fitness and physical well being. Crossfit opened her eyes to a more global view of functional fitness and a healthy self image for herself. She values being a part of a community based program and the joy she receives training others to do what she feels so passionate about!

Christopher LaVallee

Christopher is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. His training style focuses on moving well, first and foremost. He has experience training all ages and abilities. Christopher is also a long distance Trail Runner and enjoys helping athletes bridge the gap that often exists between CrossFit and running.