Meet Our Team

Jackson Smith

Coach Jackson Smith has been a CrossFitter for 11 years and specializes in coaching beginner athletes, strength development, and longer endurance events. "More than anything, I love to teach," he says. "Nothing beats seeing a brand new member's face light up the first time they get a movement right." Jackson truly enjoys seeing the growth in members, not just physically, but in terms of their role in a family and a community that is so incredibly supportive of one another.

A wrestler in high school, Jackson joined the Marine Corps after college. "When I left the military, I was really eager to find an outlet to continue competing, as well as teaching," he says. "The chance to keep working in a capacity that lets me develop people as part of a team was my main motivation."

When not in the gym, Jackson is a full-time law student, but also enjoys getting outdoors and using his fitness. He’s also the proud owner of two cats, Mickey and Maggie, who "terrorize every waking hour of my home life."

Chandler Davis

Owner/Head Coach Chandler Davis has been CrossFitting since 2013 and has always been drawn to the community atmosphere CrossFit brings. A former football player through the collegiate level, "It brings back memories of competing and hanging out with guys on the team," he says. "Plus, most of the trainers I had growing up for sports had tremendous impacts on my life and I've always wanted to be able to give that back to others."

For Chandler, the real joy of coaching comes from educating people and helping them reach their goals. "I love explaining to someone why they are doing what they are doing, and how it is going to help them," he says. "There's not a lot better than seeing someone’s face light up so big after they’ve just done something for the first time that they didn’t know they were capable of."

As an athlete, Chandler played four years in Tulane’s football program and that’s what brought him here to NOLA. "During my playing career in college, I was never the most talented kid, but I was for sure a ‘gym rat.’" After taking a break post football, he began working out again for about two months at a personal training studio, then started talking to the owner about becoming a personal trainer. "After seeing the CrossFit Games on TV that year (2013), I said to myself (literally), ‘This Rich Froning guy wins everything. I played college football and I love working out - I could totally take him.’ From there, I joined a local CrossFit gym and immediately inquired about coaching. After coaching there for a little over a year, I got the opportunity to open Lagniappe CrossFit."

When not at the gym, Chandler spends as much time as possible hanging out with his son, wife, and pups. Usually sliding or running through sprinklers at the moment.