Meet Our Team

Michele Washington

Michele is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has been an avid Crossfitter for over 5 years now. Throughout high school, she played basketball and ran track. She was introduced to Crossfit shortly during college and believed in its purpose. She wants to share her passion for the sport with others by promoting the ways it has changed her perspective of fitness and physical well being. Crossfit opened her eyes to a more global view of functional fitness and a healthy self image for herself. She values being a part of a community based program and the joy she receives training others to do what she feels so passionate about!

Justin Schilling

Justin is from the Philadelphia area and excited to coach in New Orleans. He has been involved in the CrossFit community for 6 years now and loves every second of it. He has his CrossFit L1, and has taken a personal training course through NASM as well as the ActiveLifeRx immersion program. His strengths is.. well everything! 

Joshua Serean

Josh was introduced to the gym as an overweight 13 year old. Through hard work and consistency, I was able to reduce my overall body weight and increase my strength but that wasn’t what made me fall in love with fitness. I realized that fitness helped me build confidence, self esteem, and a great group of friends. Now I use my passion for fitness to help others grow both mentally and physically.

Likes: Strength Training
Dislikes: Cardio

Tara Minamoto

Tara has been a CrossFit athlete for over 5 years.. she immediately fell in love with the community and programming that allowed her to push her limits and accomplish things physically that she never thought possible. She has a great passion for teaching and for providing people with the support they need to go beyond their own expectations and be the best versions of themselves. Tara is currently studying to receive her NASM Certified Personal Training and Certified Nutrition Coach certificates and is focused on overall wellness and keeping us all functionally fit at any age!

Randy Smith

Randy was introduced to Crossfit a little over 5 years ago and he never turned back.  He was really turned on about the competitive nature that the sport seemed to foster. It's tremendously helpul with overall mental wellness in addition to just physical fitness. Randy spends most of his spare time either doing double-unders, talking, crossfit, studying crossfit, or talking to someone about CROSSFIT.