Located in the heart of Downtown New Orleans, we're a walk away from the French Quarter and many of New Orleans popular tourist destinations.

Fitness - Community - Results

Anyone can do it and everyone is welcome! Every movement we program can be scaled or modified to your unique abilities.

Ready To Get Started?

We have people of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Everyone has to start somewhere and there is no better time to start than now!

What to expect

  • Over 3,000 square feet of space
  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, assault bikes, rowers, wall balls, gymnastics rings, pull-up rigs, boxes, ropes, mats, 
  • Two bathrooms and 1 shower.
  • Group Fitness classes, Competitors, Open Gym, Weightlifting, & Cardio-Intense workouts.


Our mission is to walk alongside our members on their fitness journey as they put in the work to improve their quality of life through movement, nutrition, sport, and community.  We not only offer classes, but actively participate in group activities outside of the gym.  
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Class Schedule

We offer class times throughout the day to accommodate your schedule. Whether your preference for working out is early morning, mid-day or evening, we have a class for you. Get your weekend started right with one of our Saturday or Sunday morning classes and enjoy a day of recovery or outdoor activity as our coaching team resets to begin again on Monday!

That Little Something Extra

Exercise is a major component of getting better quality sleep, a boost in brainpower, and increased levels of happinessThe fact that you're researching is a win in itself! There are loads of benefits to diversifying your workouts, especially if you want to avoid injury. Check out our blog posts for our current weekly workouts! 
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